May 28, 2019

Theme of the Week: Go where no one has gone before

This week we're exploring new worlds, both old and new. In our biggest Build story of the week, we go to Africa, where investor and blockchain startup founder Toby Carroll shares his unique insights into building a business on the continent. In our Learn of the week, we explore Loom Network, and the brave new world of Layer 2 solutions. And lastly, but definitely not leastly, we dive into the weird and wonderful world of Craig Wright's Wikipedia page, you're not going to want to miss that one. 

Building in Africa

How to launch a blockchain startup

What you need to know
While the debate over blockchain's legality has waged in Europe and the United States, Africa has been busy racing ahead implementing the technology in everything from mining to mortgages. But like any emerging market, there are challenges. Founder and investor Toby Carroll shares his key learnings.

Why it's important
Africa has a number of features that make it a fertile environment for blockchain, but also a number of differences that, for the uninitiated, can make building a blockchain business harder than ever.  
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Focus on your value proposition

Ed Felten, co-founder of Offchain Labs

What you need to know
Ed Felten is co-founder and chairman of Offchain Labs, a company that specializes in fast, scalable smart contracts. But unlike many startup founders in the crypto space, Felten has spent decades analyzing, advising and working in the technology industry. Now the former White House CTO is working in blockchain on a startup that makes smart contracts simple. In this interview he explores why he left academia and high office to jump into blockchain and why making technology that supports a value proposition is the key to building a successful startup. 

Why it's important
Too many blockchain startups are building businesses without verifying if blockchain is the simplest solution to the problem they are trying to fix.
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- Niran Babalola, co-founder Panvala

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Learn of the Week

Loom Network

As anyone who has used any type of cryptocurrency, one of the biggest challenges facing many forms of digital money is transaction times. Those moments between completing a purchase and the network verifying it’s legitimate can take anything from minutes to days.

That’s why a number of solutions, nicknamed ‘layer 2’ solutions have come along to help take smaller transactions off the main blockchain to help speed things along. One of those is called the Loom Network. It’s built on top of the Ethereum network and wants to help solve some the blockchain’s scaling issues.

Can it?

Read more about the Loom Network

The battle for Craig Wright's Wikipedia page

Wikipedia editors are duking it out over the meaning of Craig Wright’s copyright registration.

Craig Wright’s Wikipedia page has become a deadly battleground.

Last week, the self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor announced that he had been awarded a copyright registration of the Bitcoin white paper and code—a routine process that requires only that the applicant fills out a form.

Now, disagreements over the significance of Wright’s registration have spilled out into his Wikipedia page, where anti- and pro-Wright partisans have been jockeying for knowledge supremacy.  

Read the whole story, here

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